This makes Internet Diplomacy the preferred choice for many, but it is not without its flaws.

Plain text messages aren't as good as face-to-face conversation for back-and-forth discussion or watching for signs of deception.

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Similar to standard mail games, players originally sent press directly to one another through email, and sent their orders via email to a pre-designated human Game Master.

As email became more prevalent software Judges were developed, which would route emails addressed from one player to another, and route submitted orders and results to/from human Game Master(s).

As well as routing messages they provided more accountability and security, a place where all the info about the game could be stored and retrieved, and provided a way to keep scores of players from multiple games.

These software Judges were eventually extended to include adjudicators, which are pieces of software capable of resolving orders and producing results, thus replacing the human Game Master with software.

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Internet Diplomacy is popular for many reasons, including avoiding the hassles of playing the game face-to-face, and the lack of availability of local players.

Also, a face-to-face game needs up to seven players and can last several hours, which makes it difficult to find enough players with enough free time for a game.

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