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In fact, the bathymetric perturbation shape plays a key role in low-angle wave instability: such instability only develops if the curvature of the depth contours offshore the breaking zone is larger than the shoreline one.

This can occur for the P2 perturbation but not for P1.

The analysis of bathymetric data suggests that both curvature configurations could exist in nature.

For both perturbation types, large wave angle, small wave period, and large closure depth strongly favor instability.

Sin embargo el cómo estos conocimientos se desarrollan en la sociedad moderna y como deben ser transmitidos se describirá en un trabajo posterior.

Aquest treball pretén mostrar un model sobre com es generen i organitzen els coneixements propis de disciplines que, tot i utilitzant la ciència i la tecnologia com a eines, se situen, per la seva essència, més enllà d'aquestes.

No obstant això el com aquests coneixements es desenvolupen en la societat moderna i com han de ser transmesos es descriurà en un treball posterior.

This paper investigates cold outbreaks that form offshore density currents within the whole mesoscale over the Western Mediterranean basin.

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We apply this model, based on the so-called "indicial paradigm", formulated by C. An analysis of the three phases of the architectural project is carried out: diagnosis, synthesis and concretion (Executive Project), highlighting some of the important aspects in its realization.