Events and Adventures is more than just a social club -- it’s a way to experience new adventures while making new friends.We are located in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Vancouver BC.

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That includes decommissioned industrial facilities, abandoned dry cleaners and old landfills.

Despite the sometimes active threats to water or air, many of these sites take years or decades to clean up, if they're cleaned up at all.

Whether it's horseback riding, skydiving, wine tasting or just a casual hangout!

Visit us online to learn more about how you can get the ball rolling.

The music (most of the time,) good, but Free and AJ..get on my DAMN NERVES!

All AJ does is check out and flirt with Free and all Free does is giggle. Though whenever Free isn't on for a show I miss her, and Free is more tolarable than Tiffany.Jim Warren is the executive director of NC WARN, an environmental watchdog group.It got its start following one of the highest-profile environmental messes in state history – when the Ward Transformer company contaminated 60,000 tons of dirt with cancer-causing chemicals called PCBs.Two years after tainted private wells were found along Wake County's Stony Hill Road, there's been no effort to fix contamination of the drinking water. Cathy Akroyd, a DENR spokesperson, said homes and schools with documented drinking water, air or soil contamination get top priority for cleanup.But she said "a good number" of hazardous sites may sit untouched for years. Monsanto and Du Pont used to have facilities along Cedar Creek Road.A the end of the year, the effective cash balance was zero."It's a swirling mess, frankly," Warren said.